Vermont Studio Center

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped spread the word about my campaign to get to the Vermont Studio Center! I’m thrilled to report that I am going to Vermont. I’m humbled by all the support.

Update #1: Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and is helping spread the word. I appreciate all the support more than I can say.

Update #2: My essay, “Cultland” is now available to read here. It’s about the mythology of Kirtland, where my novel is set, and the Lundgren cult, which is the basis for the cult in the book.

I have the honor of being accepted to the prestigious and highly selective Vermont Studio Center for a two week residency in November. They have given me an artist grant to cover a portion of the fees associated with attending, which is very much appreciated, but it does not cover all of the costs. I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to cover the rest of the fees associated with attending the residency as well travel costs. More information is available on my campaign page.

I hope you’ll consider donating. If you can’t, it would be great if you could help me spread the word about the campaign by sharing it with your friends. Thank you!




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